Welcome to The Visioneer

Weekly Goodness for Builders & Dreamers

Once upon a time there was a witty wordsmith who had an idea. Instead of getting a “real job” after college, she turned that idea into a magazine. After finding some success, a second publication was born to the scrappy little publishing company. Then 2008 happened.

Far from being the only publisher to hit the panic button that year, I (you’ve figured out we’re talking about me, here, right?) sold my profitable publication to finance my new baby. It was a risk that didn’t pan out. As the recession raged on, I chose to shutter what remained of my business. I walked away broke and broken, but without having to declare bankruptcy, at least.

There are no words to describe having a vision so crystallized in your head get smashed into a thousand pieces. No way to explain to someone who’s always had a “real job” that you’d rather work twice the hours for half the pay bringing your idea to reality than build someone else’s dream and sleep soundly at night.

Fifteen years on, I’ve had the chance to work with and for many entrepreneurs, all trying to build something that no one else can see yet. I’ve had leaders with strong visions who couldn’t - or wouldn’t - communicate them. I’ve worked with owners who had no idea, or only the vaguest hint of where they wanted their business to go. And I’ve worked in a place with a clear, compelling vision that everyone shared. It was like lightning in a bottle.

So how does a dream go from idea to reality? And how do you build something - a business, a team, a movement - together with people who can’t see what’s inside your head? That’s what I want to explore in this newsletter. Ever the marketer, here’s my vision statement for The Visioneer (meta, right?):

To celebrate, support, and inspire the dreamers and builders who turn ideas into reality.

It’s tough out there for the dreamers and the builders. Y’all need support. I know I certainly did when I took the leap to entrepreneurship and several times when I’ve dared to build something new since.

Whether you’re building a project plan, a website, a business, or a dream, my plan is to put out a weekly newsletter that helps you make your vision a reality. I am happy to be your cheerleader, coach, and support staff. Because you deserve it, you brave badass, you.